Work Songs

Work Songs teaser trailer on Vimeo


Upcoming Performances:

Contact, Manchester – 4 May 2012

Newton Village Hall, Newton – 8 May 2012

PSi18, Leeds, 27 June – 1 July 2012

Edinburgh Festival: Zoo Aviary, 13:15 – 14:00, 13-26 August 2012

Work Songs

by Broderick Chow & Tom Wells {the dangerologists}

A love song to the mindless drudgery and hopeless alienation of office work. A dynamic mix of dance theatre and professional wrestling.

In a thoroughly average corporate office, Tom and Brody are risk analysts with a Sisyphean job; a inbox that never gets smaller. They work and fight and look forward to lunch. Then one day the good chair is taken away and all hell breaks loose.

Work Songs is a dance-theatre and physical comedy performance exploring concepts of labour, training, attention, effort and exhaustion. the dangerologists devise physical theatre around a process of intensive physical training and the working model of ‘rowdy play.’ Work Songs explores forced relationships formed on competition and close proximity. As the two guys compete for promotions and esteem, their conflict is physicalized in the most literal way as they wrestle for the company’s love. By investigating the concept of physical work through the office environment, the dangerologists explore concepts of masculinity, daily drudgery, and the possibility of fulfilling work in the new economy.

Broderick Chow is a Canadian performance maker now living in the UK. He spent 5 years as a stand-up comedian on the UK circuit, and his previous solo work has been a mix of monologue, movement and multimedia. He is a lecturer in the School of Arts at Brunel University, and a doctoral graduate of Central School of Speech & Drama.

Tom Wells is a physical performer whose work has encompassed a variety of forms both stage and screen and site specific. Tom is artistic director of B-Road Theatre Company, whose aim is to bring theatre to the rural heart of Lancashire.

One thought on “Work Songs

  1. James Scott says:

    Loved you guys at the fringe on Saturday 18 August, your show was fantastic and very sexy

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