Getting ready for the Fringe

Tom and I are gearing up for the Edinburgh Fringe — both of us are veterans of the Fringe, but this is our first time going up as a duo.

We’re playing from the 13-26 August at ZOO, Venue 124, at 1.15 PM everyday. Check out our links on the Edfringe and ZOO Venues websites for more info and to reserve tickets:





2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Fringe

  1. Pilar says:

    Loved your show today. Glad I brought with me the model-maker and civil servant! I’ve written a small piece on my blog about it. I hope it’s of some use! Thanks!

    • broderickchow says:

      Thank you very much for being a great audience, and for your thoughtful blog. It’s really appreciated, and I would love to share it on our Facebook group if that’s ok! — Broderick

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